Talking Hitchcock With FTT: Season begins at Reading Film Theatre

Film, Theatre and Television joins forces with the Reading Film Theatre to present a season of films and accompanying talks delving into the work of ‘the master of suspense’. Featuring a selection of films from his American period, when the accomplishments of Hitchcock and his collaborators were at their height, each screening in the season will be followed by talks given by members of the University’s Department of Film, Theatre & Television, drawing out some of the pleasures and complexities of each film.


Lisa Dwan in Samuel Beckett’s ‘Not I’

‘An evening where the imaginative power of the play knocks you out’ The Times


Update: Lisa Dwan talks about performing Beckett’s Not I in this Guardian article. BBC News covers the event here.

The University is proud to present an event to celebrate the work of Samuel Beckett that includes a performance of Beckett’s Not I that the Guardian declared to be ‘a jaw-dropping performance.’

The event begins with actress Lisa Dwan’s 10 minute performance of Not I. This will be followed by a short documentary film, featuring an interview with Billie Whitelaw. There will also be an after-show discussion with Lisa.

40 years after the première of Beckett’s Not I at the Royal Court Theatre in London, which featured Beckett’s muse, Billie Whitelaw, in a groundbreaking performance, Lisa Dwan performs in one of the most iconic and challenging pieces in theatre history.

Lisa Dwan was tutored in the role by Billie Whitelaw and first performed the piece in 2005, with critics praising her ‘thrilling and technically astounding interpretation of the play’.

This production is part of a series of events celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Beckett International Foundation at the University, a charitable trust set up by James Knowlson and Samuel Beckett in 1988. The Foundation fosters the work of Samuel Beckett and administers the Beckett Archive, the largest collection of material pertaining to the Nobel Prize winning author.

The late Anthony Minghella, a patron of the Foundation, named the University’s Beckett Archive as one of the ‘best-kept arts secrets in Britain’.

During the event there will be a unique opportunity to view Beckett’s original manuscript of Not I and other materials pertaining to the play.

The Beckett International Foundation at the University of Reading presents: Lisa Dwan in Samuel Beckett’s Not I

26 April and 27 April

Minghella Building, Whiteknights campus

6.30pm – Doors open
7.30pm – Performance

JAM Schedule 2013

Journeys Across Media 2013

The Body and The Digital

Friday 19th April 2013


9:00-9:30              Registration/Tea and Coffee 

9.30-10:00             Welcome from Dr John Gibbs, Head of Film, Theatre & Television. Followed by announcements from the JAM Committee. Venue: Bulmershe Theatre 

10:00-11:00           Keynote Provocations: Dr Lisa Purse, Dr Louise Jolly, Dr Andy Lavender and Dr Brian Lobel. Venue: Bulmershe Theatre 

11:00-11:15           Tea and Coffee Break           

11:15-12:45           Panel 1A: Writing Through Digital and Collaborative Practices  

(Chair: Shelly Quirk) Venue: The Cinema. 

Jennnifer Jarman: The Amputee at the Keyboard – Digital Text as Prosthesis.

Johnmichael Rossi: Collabo-writing in Digital: Writing As A Major Point of Intersection between the Body and the Digital.

Claire Swyzen: Textimonies’ in Documentary Theatre: From Authentic ‘Character’ to Post-Human ‘Data Body’.

Daniel Paul O’Brien: The Digital Body and Narrative.

Nese Ceren Tosun: Delegating tasks, submitting to tastes: Skype enabled cooking event The Virtual Chef.

11:15-12:45           Panel 1B: Moving the Body Through Digital and Collaborative Practices

(Chair: Matthew McFrederick) Venue: Bob Kayley Theatre. 

Caitriona Mary Reilly: The Postfeminist Female Body: The Fetishisation and Technological Rejection of Motherhood in Contemporary Performance.

Edina Husanovic: Ultra Gypsy: Post-identiterian Subjects on the Trail of Dis-Orient Express.

Ae Jin Han: The Dancing Bodies on K-pop Music Video.

Kerry Francksen: Exchanges between the lived, performed and mediatised in live-digital dance performance.

Suparna Banerjee: Touch-me-(or)-not? The digital double in the contemporary Bharatanatyam choreo-culture. 

12:45-13:45           Lunch

13:45-15:45           Panel 2: Practising Digital/ Practising Body

(Chair: Edina Husanovic) Venues: Studio, Bulmershe and Bob Kayley Theatres. Practical Presentations and Discussion.

1:45-2:05     Rachel Cherry & Hannah Birch: The Choreography of Photography.

2:10-2:30     Kerry Francksen: Dancing in live and digital domains: A practical study.

2:35-2:55     James Steventon and Jason Singh: A Song For Eurydice.

2:55-3:45     Q&A Talkback Panel including presenters of on-going work

15:45-17:15           Panel 3A: Reframing the Body in Digital Society

(Chair: Johnmichael Rossi) Venue: The Cinema.

Zi Young Kang: Reproduction of Fashion in History Using 3D CAD

Gareth Lewis & Kourosh Newman-Zand: A study into digital embodiment on branded platforms.

Irida Ntalla: Encountering issues of climate change through embodiment and affect in immersive installations.

Sy Taffel: Invisible Bodies: Labour, Toxicity, Materiality and Digital Have-Nots.

15:45-17:15           Panel 3B: Viewing the Body Through a Digital Lens

(Chair: Gary Cassidy) Venue: Bob Kayley Theatre.

Garfield Benjamin: Gaze, Expression and Extension in the Hyper-Body of the objet a-vatar.

Pedro Cardoso and Miguel Carvalhais: Transcoding Action: A perspective on the articulation between the player’s and system’s actions in video games.

Klaudia Rachubińska: Long live the new flesh! The limits of the body in the work of David Cronenberg.

Paul Johnson: Totally Digitising Arnold.

Sam Christie: Thoughts on becoming the camera; media technologies and being in the world.

17:15-17:30           Tea and Coffee Break            

17:30-18:30           Keynote Responses and Closing Q&A (Chair: Dr Teresa Murjas) Venue: Bulmershe Theatre 

18:30-19:30           Wine Reception

Ongoing Performances and Art Installations throughout the day in the Foyer and TV Studio: 

Garfield Benjamin: Hyper-Bodies of the objet a-vatar

Michelle Lewis-King: Pulse Project

John Collingswood: TaikaBox: Duet for Three

Melanie Moller: Visual Space