JAM Schedule 2013

Journeys Across Media 2013

The Body and The Digital

Friday 19th April 2013


9:00-9:30              Registration/Tea and Coffee 

9.30-10:00             Welcome from Dr John Gibbs, Head of Film, Theatre & Television. Followed by announcements from the JAM Committee. Venue: Bulmershe Theatre 

10:00-11:00           Keynote Provocations: Dr Lisa Purse, Dr Louise Jolly, Dr Andy Lavender and Dr Brian Lobel. Venue: Bulmershe Theatre 

11:00-11:15           Tea and Coffee Break           

11:15-12:45           Panel 1A: Writing Through Digital and Collaborative Practices  

(Chair: Shelly Quirk) Venue: The Cinema. 

Jennnifer Jarman: The Amputee at the Keyboard – Digital Text as Prosthesis.

Johnmichael Rossi: Collabo-writing in Digital: Writing As A Major Point of Intersection between the Body and the Digital.

Claire Swyzen: Textimonies’ in Documentary Theatre: From Authentic ‘Character’ to Post-Human ‘Data Body’.

Daniel Paul O’Brien: The Digital Body and Narrative.

Nese Ceren Tosun: Delegating tasks, submitting to tastes: Skype enabled cooking event The Virtual Chef.

11:15-12:45           Panel 1B: Moving the Body Through Digital and Collaborative Practices

(Chair: Matthew McFrederick) Venue: Bob Kayley Theatre. 

Caitriona Mary Reilly: The Postfeminist Female Body: The Fetishisation and Technological Rejection of Motherhood in Contemporary Performance.

Edina Husanovic: Ultra Gypsy: Post-identiterian Subjects on the Trail of Dis-Orient Express.

Ae Jin Han: The Dancing Bodies on K-pop Music Video.

Kerry Francksen: Exchanges between the lived, performed and mediatised in live-digital dance performance.

Suparna Banerjee: Touch-me-(or)-not? The digital double in the contemporary Bharatanatyam choreo-culture. 

12:45-13:45           Lunch

13:45-15:45           Panel 2: Practising Digital/ Practising Body

(Chair: Edina Husanovic) Venues: Studio, Bulmershe and Bob Kayley Theatres. Practical Presentations and Discussion.

1:45-2:05     Rachel Cherry & Hannah Birch: The Choreography of Photography.

2:10-2:30     Kerry Francksen: Dancing in live and digital domains: A practical study.

2:35-2:55     James Steventon and Jason Singh: A Song For Eurydice.

2:55-3:45     Q&A Talkback Panel including presenters of on-going work

15:45-17:15           Panel 3A: Reframing the Body in Digital Society

(Chair: Johnmichael Rossi) Venue: The Cinema.

Zi Young Kang: Reproduction of Fashion in History Using 3D CAD

Gareth Lewis & Kourosh Newman-Zand: A study into digital embodiment on branded platforms.

Irida Ntalla: Encountering issues of climate change through embodiment and affect in immersive installations.

Sy Taffel: Invisible Bodies: Labour, Toxicity, Materiality and Digital Have-Nots.

15:45-17:15           Panel 3B: Viewing the Body Through a Digital Lens

(Chair: Gary Cassidy) Venue: Bob Kayley Theatre.

Garfield Benjamin: Gaze, Expression and Extension in the Hyper-Body of the objet a-vatar.

Pedro Cardoso and Miguel Carvalhais: Transcoding Action: A perspective on the articulation between the player’s and system’s actions in video games.

Klaudia Rachubińska: Long live the new flesh! The limits of the body in the work of David Cronenberg.

Paul Johnson: Totally Digitising Arnold.

Sam Christie: Thoughts on becoming the camera; media technologies and being in the world.

17:15-17:30           Tea and Coffee Break            

17:30-18:30           Keynote Responses and Closing Q&A (Chair: Dr Teresa Murjas) Venue: Bulmershe Theatre 

18:30-19:30           Wine Reception

Ongoing Performances and Art Installations throughout the day in the Foyer and TV Studio: 

Garfield Benjamin: Hyper-Bodies of the objet a-vatar

Michelle Lewis-King: Pulse Project

John Collingswood: TaikaBox: Duet for Three

Melanie Moller: Visual Space