Calling student collaborators for a performance project with a robot!


I am about to start a project investigating robots as performers and am seeking student collaborators to work with me on the project. I am interesting in the following questions, amongst others:

  • Are robots performers?
  • What do robots have to do with theatre?
  • What beliefs or expectations do we have about robots?
  • What do these expectations say about us as humans?
  • Who is responsible for our decisions?
  • Will robots one day do away with the need for humans to work?
  • How do we feel about the possibility of robots becoming conscious?
  • What will a world populated by humans and robots look like?

I am seeking students across each of the years and levels of study who have an interest in exploring these questions, and in doing so theatrically. I have 14 spaces for students with a range of skills and interests. Over the course of the coming months, we will explore the creative performance potential, and nature, of Baxter the robot. This exciting project, which is generously supported by Robotics researchers in the School of Systems Engineering and the Department of Film, Theatre and Television, will culminate in a public performance-lecture on Wednesday 20th April 2016 in Bulmershe Theatre, Minghella Building, Whiteknights, University of Reading.

Interested student-participants can find out further details on Blackboard and may speak to me individually. The deadline for sending me your application to participate in the project is Friday 13th November 2015. Email your application to