CFAC-FTT Public Lecture by Professor Laura Mulvey – now available for viewing!

CFAC-FTT Public Lecture by Professor Laura Mulvey – click here to view!

‘Thinking through and across a pan-European director’

Max Ophuls succeeded in developing and maintaining his own signature cinematic style across his difficult, peripatetic career. While La signora di tutti, made in Italy in 1934, is an early, but supremely confident, example of his well known extended travelling shots, it is also remarkable for his experiments with sound.   Thematically, the film brings together some key Ophulsian motifs: the juxtaposition between love and death, the figure of the woman as object of commodity exchange and display (in this case in the context of the film industry), and opposing types of masculinity.   Ophuls is a great director of melodrama; I would like to discuss his style and his themes in memory of my very first experiences of teaching melodrama at Bulmershe College in the early 1980s.

22 January 2015


Bulmershe Theatre, Minghella Building

University of Reading

Whiteknights Campus