Home Theatre (UK): Broadcast Day


Photograph credit: Phil Clarke-Hill

Tune in to www.stratfordeast.tv any time between 8am and 11pm on Saturday to view the Home Theatre (UK) performances which our 3rd years have been working on. Theatre Royal Stratford East staged 30 performances in 30 homes across London (including a hospital, a care home and a houseboat). The performances took inspiration from the stories of those hosting the work, from boroughs across the capital.

A student from Film, Theatre & Television worked on each of the performances. They took part in the rehearsal process, contributing to the development of the project and creating an integrated strategy for filming the resulting performance. The development of the performances culminated on Saturday 26th October, when the hosts invited an audience of friends and family to see the work and share a meal, over which thoughts and experiences were discussed. The films are being screened at Theatre Royal and simultaneously streamed to launch the theatre’s new web TV channel, enabling audiences around the world to enjoy the works and be part of the conversation.