Festival of Film and Theatre – Year 3 BA Film and Theatre Finalists: Programme of Events

Festival of Film and Theatre – Year 3 BA Film and Theatre Finalists: Programme of Events

The Minghella Building: Monday 12th March – Friday 16th March 2012

Films – The Minghella Cinema

Group 1

Wednesday 14th March 2.00 – 3.15 & Friday 16th March 3.30 – 4.45

 Bethan HarrisThe Unknown Body

Exploring the female form and its beauty.

Billy LangsworthyDisembowelling Horror

A documentary exploring and dissecting the horror genre’s ability to create memorable big screen moments.

 Frankie LanfranchiThrough Sun-Split Clouds

Regrets are part of our lives, but what if you could go back and change them, rewrite the past and win her back?

Gavin KennedyEye Mitai

Three students are having another normal day, chilling out as one of them, Mike, tries harder and harder to develop a way to tell Sarah he likes her.

 Jo GreenUnworthy

James Fisher has just returned from fighting in World War II. As he attempts to fit back into society, James frequently suffers from vivid flashbacks of the war. Will James ever get back to normality or will his post-traumatic stress disorder take over?


Group 2

Wednesday 14th March 3.30 – 4.45 & Thursday 15th March 2.00 – 3.15

Charlotte HobdayInstinct

An infection sweeps across humanity causing large amounts of the population to become cannibalistic creatures. But it isn’t just the infected that should be feared. When our instincts kick in how far are people willing to go to ensure their own survival and the survival of the human race? 

Katy ListerEat Cake

A woman’s vain obsession with beauty, products and modern consumerism. You want it? You got it. Now eat it.

 Rasa PutnaiteIntermission

What happens after the movies?

 Sarah ByrneMy Sad Night

The gradual revelation of a secret that will have a huge impact on an already fragile relationship and the three different ways the couple tries to deal with it.



Group 3

Thursday 15th March 3.30 – 4.45 & Friday 16th March 2.00 – 3.15

Aurelija StankunaiteTo Be Frank

I have a job; I own a suit; I wear a tie. I guess you could say that my life is – okay.

 Finlay Sutton-ParsonsFit The Stereotype

Three lifelong friends have to face a ruthless killer whose aim is to rid the world of sin. In a world where stereotype and prejudice prevail, will these unlikely heroes get the help they desperately need, or will they be shunned and left to face these horrors alone?

 Jon PikeCircle

A glimpse at what humanity has done to the planet and to itself.

 Jose Law Sins of the Serpent

A contemporary adaptation of Charles Perrault’s infamous folktale, ‘Bluebeard’.

Louisa HarrisJimmy
The uneventful life of a lonely man.

Lena KwiatkowskaAnka

On the day of her 19th birthday, Anka embarks on a journey to the past where she faces her long forgotten dreams and a loss which has cast a shadow on her entire life.


Marina MichelsonMy Arm By Tim Crouch in Bob Kayley Theatre – Mon. 12th March at 12.00 & Wed. 14th March at 6.00.

A one off guided talk into the history of memories of “the boy with the arm”, commenting on notions of modern art through the life story of one unique individual.

 Elliott HollingsA Summer’s Day By Jon Fosse in the Studio Space – Mon. 12th March at 5.00 & Thurs. 15th March at 11.00.

A preserving and wasting of time. The story of how past events shape the future to leave only distant memories.

 Ollie WrightRhinoceros By Eugene Ionesco in Bulmershe Theatre – Mon. 12th March at 6.00 & Thurs. 15th March at 12.00.

When a rhinoceros charges across the town square one Sunday afternoon, Berenger thinks nothing of it. Soon, however, rhinoceroses are popping up everywhere and Berenger’s whole world is under threat. What will it take for him to stand up to the increasing menace of rhinocerisation? Martin Crimp’s translation of Ionesco’s iconic satire on mindlessness and conformity.

 Lewis MercatoThe Trial By Steven Berkoff  in Bob Kayley Theatre – Tues. 13th March at 11.00 & Thurs. 15th March at 5.00.

Joseph K awakes to find two strange men in his room informing him he has been arrested. He soon learns that his trial, however odd, is very real. The Trial charts K’s descent as he attempts to fight against an inaccessible authority. On his journey, K meets many peculiar characters, but are they really there to help him?

Dan WhateleyParlour Song By Jez Butterworth in Bulmershe Theatre – Tues. 13th March at 12.00 & Wed. 14th March at 5.00.

Ned’s possessions are being stolen. He suspects his wife Joy and confides in his neighbour Dale. A dark look at British suburban life. It is a world where everything is disappearing: “both funny and unsettling”.

Hannah BaxendalePenetrator By Anthony Neilson in the Studio Space – Tues. 13th March at 5.00 & Fri. 16th March at 6.00.

A grotesque yet oddly accessible tale of perversion and repression. At the centre are two roommates and their childhood friend, a multiple-personality case who has returned from the army and reveals he has been tortured by a secret militant group called The Penetrators. The group’s mission: to create mass panic through a campaign of sexual terror.

 Jake McLaughlin  – A Girl In A Car With A Man By Rob Evans in Bulmershe Theatre – Tues. 13th March at 6.00 & Fri. 16th March at 11.00.

Stella’s left the TV studio after her daily slot. Alex is up for a big night out. Paula is watching video tapes. David has opted for a quiet evening in. But this is no ordinary night – there’s an abduction on the news and it won’t stop raining.

 Susie PincockThe Invisible Backpack By Susie Pincock in Bob Kayley Theatre – Wed. 14th March at 11.00 & Fri. 16th March at 6.00.

Four people have been kicked off an overbooked flight. Tensions rise as small talk turns to politics and they find an unaccompanied bag, with nobody else in the airport at all.

 Emma Chapman – Orphans By Dennis Kelly in the Studio Space – Wed. 14th March at 12.00 & Thurs. 15th March at 6.00.

Helen and Danny are enjoying a romantic meal when Liam, Helen’s brother bursts in covered in blood. As the truth unfolds the evening becomes more unsettling; the characters begin to uncover the toxic and terrifying effects of human nature and expose the horrors that lie on our doorsteps.