Film producer and alumna Ameenah Ayub’s success continues

‘The Road Home’, produced by alumna Ameenah Ayub, has been nominated for the short film category at the British Independent Film Awards, while another film Ameenah has worked on recently – London Film Festival winner ‘The Arbor’ – has been nominated in several categories. Ameenah is currently coordinating post-production on Ralph Fiennes’ ‘Coriolanus’, ‘The Nutcracker 3D’ and ‘Dark Tide’, with Halle Berry. Her previous production credits include ‘Brick Lane’ and Gillian Wearing’s ‘Self-Made’. Read what Ameenah had to say about her success here.

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I am a lecturer in film and write about the relationship between film style and the politics of cinematic representation. My current work looks at digital special effects and representation in the action film. I also try to find time to play the odd videogame.

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